News and Media

It’s been an exciting month for the Sunshine Harvest Sharing Project!

We started on August 1 and by August 31, we found our way to a nice variety of media which, in turn, helped you find us! As I write this,  we are only 12 shy of reaching 2000 hits!  My favorite form of PR is  word-of-mouth, so if you like what we are trying to accomplish, please tell your friends about this site or post the link to your social media sites.

Thank you for visiting and feel free to write a comment on how  you used the directory to share your garden’s extras.

To learn more about the Sunshine Harvest Sharing Project, check out these links.


The Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette, August 9, 2011


Illinois Public Media, WILL AM-580: Afternoon Magazine with Celeste Quinn, August 18, 2011


USA Today, August 31, 2011


Common Ground Food Co-op September 2011 Newsletter






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