Produce Donation Tips

Donating Produce: A Few Tips

Food pantries operate in a variety of ways. Some distribute food several times per week and others might offer assistance one day a week or even one day a month. Because produce is perishable, it is important to plan ahead for delivering your donation, so that you are able to get your produce delivered while it is still at its best and so it will be distributed quickly.  The schedule below shows which agencies receive produce each day of the week so you can easily identify where to take your bounty no matter when you pick it.  Looking at the Donation Schedule by Day, agencies with an “*” before the name shows that does not receive produce every week, so be sure to check the details. Many of the agencies ask that patrons call before heading over with a donation. This is because those who receive donations might be volunteers, who will need to plan to meet you, or a staff member who will need to know that you are coming so they can let you in the building. They will be glad for your donation, whether it’s a few tomatoes or a big box of squash, and grateful when you give them a heads-up that you are coming by.  When you drop off your produce, please mention that you are responding to the Sunshine Harvest Sharing Directory, so we will know that the project is working!

Please be mindful of how you bundle up your harvest so that it doesn’t get smushed in transport. It is best to use containers that can be left with the agency, such as boxes, box lids (these are great for tomatoes) and paper or plastic bags. Some agencies are willing to loan bags or containers that fill with produce and return. If you have quite a few different items (ie. tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, etc.) it will be very helpful to the agency if you provide a note with the various items and how many you’ve provided. Separating the various items is also helpful if you are able to do so. Items that are fresh, ripe and in good shape will be greatly appreciated.

If you have suggestions, please add a comment in the section at the bottom of this page!

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